Vladimir Podcasinskij – M.Eng.-Con. & МBА   


Professional Experience

2016 Deputy Chairman of the Board of Allianz Energie AG
2006 Director of UAB JUMPS in Vilnius
1998 Director Marylebone Trading Services Ltd. in Vilnius and Kaliningrad
1992 Director JSC Valsana in Vilnius
1983 Main Engineer-Constructor at NGO Litstankoproekt in Vilnius


1994 Economics and organization of production in Vilnius
1978 Polytechnic University in Vilnius


Implementation of the targets and objectives in line with the corporate strategy. Organization of project works. Creating a development program of new primary products to the market. Analysis of the markets. Creating a management system and optimizing the structure.


English, Russian and Lithuanian


telephone   +49 40 419 248 36
mobile  +370 659 834 42
email    vp@allianzenergie.com