Jurij Podcasinskij – MBА


Professional Experience

2016 Member of the Executive Board of Allianz Energie AG
2006 Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board and Chairman oft the Supervisory Board of UAB JUMPS in Vilnius
2016 Hedging on oil and petroleum products by Petroleum Exchange in Minsk


2016 MBA in Moscow
2007 College of Construction and Design in Vilnius
2016 College of Business and Law in Vilnius


Formulation of development ideas and drawing-out of a strategies. Development of new commercial forms of work with the conclusion to the market of new products. Development trends of technology innovations. Creation of energy service projects.


English, Russian and Lithuanian


telephone   +49 40 419 248 36
mobile  +370 659 837 03
email    jp@allianzenergie.com