Company overview

Our Joint Stock Company Allianz Energie, with it’s headquarter in Hamburg as a turntable and centre of international trade, active in the areas of oil, natural gas and mineral oil products as well as petrochemical products by own structures and partnerships. The company is equipped with a global network of the procurement, processing and distribution of products in this area.

We are currently concentrated upon the following areas:

  • Deliveries of liquid gas (LNG, LPG and CNG) through the pipeline and by ship as well as road transport.
  • Purchase of crude oil and deliveries to the refineries.
  • Trade with oil products in great parts and bulk (tanker parts) in the baltic, black, mediterranean sea as well as overseas.
  • Deliveries of petrochemical products for smaller and medium-sized trades to European countries by rail and roads transport.

To realise the mentioned activities, we co-operate with big oil and gas enterprises and refineries in different regions over the world. To have an image of purchasing and sales volumes it’s enough to take note that:

  • the total volume of oil products which is on sale in 2019:
    – on the domestic markets of EU countries was used amounts to 200 thou tons, with a monthly goods turnover of 50 mil USD.
    – among the markets in Western Europe was used, through the ports of the Baltic and Black Sea, amounts to 500-600 thou. tons.
  • the total volume of the planed liquid and natural gas, carried by the pipeline in the European Countries which is determined for sales from 2020, amounts several billion m3, with a monthly goods turnover of 60 mil. Euros.

As it is evident from the aforementioned activities of our business is evident, we have business relations with companies from CIS countries as well as other European partners who use our products as an energy source to generate warmth and electricity.

As energy sources the companies often use liquified oil gas and natural gas. Therefore, our enterprise is not only interested in the purchase of the hydrocarbon crude materials to process it but also in the purchase of liquid gas or some of her groups, as well as in the purchase of natural gas with the aim to extend the range of products for our costumers.

Our company is ready to compile different options for the cooperation with potential partners in this branch for the delivery of natural gas and oil and petrochemical products to the mentioned markets.